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Cross Country Flying Contest: Establishing Rules


The clearer the better. Besides the common-sense rules found at any glider contest, three topics need clear instructions:

how to properly start onto the course;

how to properly round a turn point;

how to fly the course.

turn points


Position the start "gate" such that a proper start is easily accomplished, verified, and timed. This gate should be a small airspace through which the glider must be flown in a specified direction.

Turn points

Emphasize to contestants that they must assure to round each turn point properly. To do so, it is best to be at the turn point as the plane arrives, because judging the exact over-land position of a glider at altitude even from a short distance away is very deceiving. Turns must be flown around the outside of the point, no cutting corners.

How to fly

You may want to prescribe a fixed route and direction, or let contestants choose their own. If you allow free choice, consider prohibiting flying a race track pattern between any two turn points. Example: it's ok to fly from A to B and return to A; but then you must fly to any point other than B.

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