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Cross Country Soaring Sailplanes: SBXC and MXC

The SBXC and MXC are commercially available all-molded gliders designed specifically for cross-country competition by RnR. This means, all-up flying weight, including a variometer and GPS, is at or below the FAI limit of 5kg. Both offer excellent flying characteristics and easy handling, and are designed to optimize performance and visibility at contest altitudes.
mxc cross tail mxc V tail
The MXC comes standard in a cross-tail configuration with a full-flying horizontal stabilizer. The experimental V-tail version trades some handling ease and flying stability for lighter weight.
Both planes have long tail moments for good tracking ability; SBXC shown.
wing roots

The MXC (red) has a 14" chord at the root, over an inch more than the SBXC (white). The deeper chord helps visibility at high altitude.

sbxc nose mxc nose
Both planes (SBXC on the left, MXC on the right) offer generously sized fuselages with plenty room for radio, vario, and GPS gear.
sbxc & mxc tails
Likewise, both planes have ample empennages. In the MXC, elevator and rudder servos are located in the vertical fin.
mxc cross tail
The MXC has a 2-piece plug-in wing with simple dihedral.
The SBXC has a 4-piece bolt-on wing with polyhedral.
mxc V tail
With a V-tail , the MXC looks like a big Millennium; hence M-XC.

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