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Official Results John Ellias' Report
John Ellias' Report

The 2011 California Valley Cross Country Race was held on September 23, 24 and 25.    For the first time ever at Cal Valley, there were three days of contest flying.  Ten teams flew in the 2011 California Valley XC race. We had three good days of racing with varied weather conditions, ranging from massive thunderstorms on Friday to much cooler and pleasant weather on Sunday. As usual, the wind was a major factor. 

Friday’s task was a simple out and return to turnpoint F, for a total of 23.6 miles.  Four teams finished the course, but Rich Spicer’s team dominated the field with an avg. speed of 21.33 mph.  Dudley Dufort’s team was second, and Steve Henke was third.

Saturday’s task proved to be too much for the conditions.  It was a 43 mile task that took us around the triangular course to the east side of the valley, down south from there to turnpoint H, and then back to the finish.  No team finished the course and teams Spicer and Ellias tied for first with a total of 27 miles each. 

Sunday's task was the typical speed task of 18.5 miles.  Greg Norsworthy won the day with an average speed of 19.27 mph. Dean Gradwell was second, and Steve Henke placed third for the day.

Rich Spicer, flying his MXC along with his teammates Rich Beardsley and Kent Kollins, flew consistently well and made good decisions all three days, and as result ended up with a solid and well deserved win for the contest. They had two 1st place finishes and a 3rd place finish. Team Warlock consisting of Greg Norsworthy, Bob McGowan and Mike Palrang also did quite well coming in second place overall flying Greg’s XC Racer #10. Steve Henke, Kathy Stymeist and Bill Curry were close behind in third place flying the fantastic Super Supra. Team Flying Tigers (Dean Gradwell, Ron McElliot and Roger Hebner) came in fourth and probably would have done better had their airplane not suffered a catastrophic in-flight failure on final glide just before the finish line on day one.

A few scoring notes:

1. A total of 3 penalties were assessed for the entire contest: two for loggers which did not have satellite lock prior to starting, and one for a logger malfunction. These penalties did not affect the final overall standings.
2. Day 2 was heavily devalued because no teams finished the prescribed course.

Official Results John Ellias' Report

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