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2009 Montague Cross Country Challenge
June 12th, 13th and 14th

Official Results and Dean Gradwell's Report Teams
at montague
Day 1 — Distance Task
Place Team MPH PTS

The weather looked like the 12th annual would be washed out with the predicted rain. It turned out to be the best soaring conditions we have ever had.

Fridays task was a distance task. Initially, turnpoint #9 was off-limits, because of a full-size contest practice day taking place the same time. After learning there would be only three full-size gliders flying, we decided to include #9.

Teams 364, 561 were ahead of the "Bust". Team 048 flew a second flight after the bust, hence they scored more miles than the rest.

Team Aloft (364) entered as a participant and not as a contestant; they tallied 67.81 miles.

1 561 30.38 1000
2 048 28.08 924
3 461 24.55 808
4 221 22.11 728
5 273 21.58 710
6 511 20.88 687
7 460 20.68 681
8 195 20.68 681
9 424 19.49 642
10 039 11.87 391
11 555 10.43 343
Day 2 - Speed Task

There was some grumbling about the "bust" on day one, and that perhaps the day should be thrown out. CD Ron McElliot took it under consideration for further review. Considering the poor weather forecasts, I wanted to leave it as Day 1, as it may be the only contest day we would have. As it turned out, several teams relaunched with one of them coming in second for Day 1. Leaving Day 1 as a contest day was the right call.

Day 2 has been a speed task with a two hour minimum for many years. Fly as fast as you can for two hours. You can fly longer, but this should only be done if you can increase average speed. If you land before two hours, your distance is divided by two hours. It's best to be skyed out with just minutes to go and trade altitude for miles. My final glide got me about 10 miles before I touched down.

There are some very fast speeds here.

195 20.02 1000
561 18.83 941
461 18.56 927
273 18.50 924
048 18.24 911
039 17.01 850
221 12.61 630
555 10.35 517
424 9.98 499
460 7.98 295
Day 3 — One Lap Speed Run — almost 16 miles

We had had tremendous weather so far, in lift and in rain. Sunday, Day 3, looked to be no different. Teams looked pretty serious that morning, with several in the running for top overall. No one seemed to sky out at launch, so we decided we had enough altitude to leave the field and take our chances. Far as I remember, we caught two major thermals, one before the church, and one about four miles from the finish line. We came into the last thermal somewhat low and struggled a bit. Landing out is not an option there, so we stuck with it until the Skypanel told us we had enough altitude to make the finish. Cruise mode through town and past the tracks, then into reflex. The little Jeep will do 75 in catch up mode.

273 46'11" 20.68 1000
461 51'39" 18.49 894
048 55'00" 17.37 840
561 63'51" 14.96 723
Team PTS

Way to go team 048! Never first, but always up there. Always ready to fly. After getting "busted" on Day One, they came back and made a better run. After my first run I gave up, thinking how hard it would be to do the same thing over again. Next time we will give it another go.

Ron McElliot was first-time CD for this event, and he was outstanding.

This was the last year for "Montague Cross Country Challenge." Twelve years is enough.

Next year (on a different date because of a graduation), we will host a trial F3H event. This is scored with a GPS, using a cylinder for turnpoints. It is all speed events. Don't worry, distance fans, the task will be 80 miles on the first day. I know it will work, and it will be fun!

Thanks, everyone, who made the effort to attend.

Dean Gradwell

048 2675
561 2664
273 2634
461 2629
195 2143
460 1908
221 1615
039 1498
424 1389
511 1303
555 1060

aloft landing

Official Results and Dean Gradwell's Report Teams

(541) 899-8215

(541) 899-7022 Fax


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